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A Celtic village in Serbia ready for guests

From the 4000 common words of the two languages, it is inferred that the Celts lived on the territory of today’s Serbia. How did they come to Srem, how did they live, what did they wear, what did their money, weapons or tools look like - all this is revealed by the Celtic settlement in Indjija which opened this summer.

Everyone who peeks behind the walls of the village will travel through the time of 2300 years - Celtic houses made of reeds and mud, craft workshops, museum exhibits. All this was inspired by the life of the Celts on the territory of Indjija, as evidenced by 62 archaeological sites.

The new tourist attraction is modelled on similar open-air museums such as the Celtic settlements in Austria and Wales and is intended primarily for children.

Count your impressions of life from two millennia ago at one of the nearby tourist destinations in Indjija. Do not miss the enjoyment on the banks of the Danube, backwaters, river islands and sandy beaches. We also recommend a panoramic boat tour of Old Slankamen along with the tour of the mouth of River Tisa, where, according to a legend, Attila the Hun was buried.

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