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Autumn in the forest, in the city, on the farm…

There were no significant changes on the list of the most visited tourist destinations this summer. Domestic tourists mostly chose: Vrnjacka Banja Spa, Zlatibor and Kopaonik mountains, Sokobanja Spa, Vrdnik. To continue to enjoy the beauties of Serbia, you do not need to wait for winter or next summer. Autumn is an opportunity to present the destinations you can visit all year round.

One of them is Fruška Gora. Fruška Gora National Park is an ideal place for recreation and vacation for all generations throughout the year. Rich and untouched nature, beautiful lookout, silence and distance from the city crowds make this destination favourite among people from Vojvodina primarily.

If you are not in the mood for silence for too long, Novi Sad is waiting for you. At any time, this city will warmly host you, entertain you, teach you many useful things.

You will feel the true spirit of Vojvodina on one of the many farms in the vicinity of Novi Sad. With light music, famous Vojvodina specialties and an old-fashioned ambience - you will feel a touch of the village in this area.

Traditionally hospitable, infinitely willing to present their potentials to you and show you why they are among the most desirable destinations on numerous world rankings. If you let them, they will convince you that autumn is the right time to rest.

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