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A village with a recognizable taste

If there is a place in Serbia that has its own colour and smell, then it is certainly the Donja Lokošnica Village. Red peppers are a symbol of this place near the city of Leskovac, considering that there is no house that does not grow or dry them. During the fall, stringed fruits adorn every household, and many tourists want to see what lies behind the red rows.

The locals of Donja Lokošnica Village have made a brand out of paprika and numerous specialities. The secret of success lies in the fact that they have been cultivating the autochthonous variety of paprika – "goat‘s horn" - for more than 200 years. Paprika is picked, strung and dried by both young and old generations, and their skilled hands make thousands of wreaths every year.

They made a brand out of their favourite vegetable. They know the secret of picking, stringing, drying. The best in that skill even compete. Although they have their hands full even when the paprika season is over, the locals of Donja Lokošica Village are happy to find a moment to tell the guests some spicy legends and invite them to try paprika specialities.

Recognizable taste and legends that accompany this vegetable, paprika dishes rank among the top gastronomic offer in Serbia. That is why the hosts and caterers proudly promote them.

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