In the blogger's eyes

Foreigners evaluate in words, pictures, video recordings, but also by conveying a personal experience. This is how well-known world bloggers evaluate the destinations they have visited in Serbia and introduce their followers to them. Influential bloggers of "Budget Traveler" showed the spirit of the most beautiful tourist destinations in our country. They turned it all into a short promotional film.

They tasted and experienced the most delicious offer of all the way between Subotica and Novi Pazar, and they were also presented with the most beautiful landscapes, lookouts, as well as the offer of the future capital of culture.

Everything that makes a country special and attractive for tourists will be presented to the audience in Russia by the journalists of the local television in the special show "Neputjovie zametki". It will evoke the spirit of Belgrade through scenes and stories about the Belgrade Fortress, Saint Sava Temple, Nikola Tesla Museum. Viewers will also see why Russian tourists should visit Zlatibor mountain, Sremski Karlovci, Novi Sad.

This show on the First Channel of the Russian national television is faithfully watched by an audience of several hundred million people not only in Russia but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.

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