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Applause for the most successful

The demanding and challenging work of the jury for the Tourist Flower award is coming to an end. The online audience has already spoken and there are only a few days left until the announcement of the most successful in 2021.

The countdown took a long time, we thought too hard about the survival of tourism. That is why we are all looking forward to the proclamation of those whose goals were much higher. Those who improved their business even during the pandemic, attracted even more guests, enriched the offer and made us, at least for a moment, while the vacation at their destination lasts, forget about everyday life and problems with the pandemic.

Who is the best among more than 70 registered tourist organizations, agencies, events? Who offered the best accommodation, and who contributed the most to the development of tourism? The jury will decide, but also almost 20.000 ratings provided by the citizens in the online voting. What kind of encouragement in the business will this recognition mean - we will find everything out at the ceremony in Opera & Theatre Madlenianum on December 16.

It will also be an opportunity to summarize the tourist year, as well as to announce plans for the next one. What could be the ideas that will guide us and present the tourist offer of Serbia even better than before.

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