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Situated in Western Serbia, circumscribed by the deep canyon of the river Drina, lies a mountain of heavenly scenery and boasting a divine name – Tara.It was named after the god Tar, who, according to legend, chose to spend his life on this very mountain.Its average altitude is 1,000-1,200 metres above sea level, whilst its highest peak, Kozji rid, towers above at just under 1,600 metres.
The vast forest expanse, the awe-inspiring canyon of the river Drina, the artificial lakes and the diverse flora and fauna combine to create some truly captivating scenes on Mt. Tara.
With its exceptional beauty, Tara compels visitors to return to it over and over again, discovering something new, interesting and exciting with each new visit.


The rugged cliffs of Tara are covered with dense forests, meadows and glades inhabited by a rich diversity of plant and animal species.
By far the most interesting of the many plant species that grow here is Pančić’s spruce, picea omorica, a tree species indigenous to Mt. Tara, named after the famous Serbian botanist Josif Pančić, who discovered it.
The diversity of habitats and the preserved vegetation have earned Tara the status of a national park, offering refuge to many animal species including the brown bear, the chamois, the western wood grouse and the golden eagle.
As the canyon of the Drina, with its Perućac reservoir, forms a natural boundary around this area, the region of Tara is also a popular fishing site thanks to the abundance of fish species found here. In fact, record sizes of huchen and catfish have been caught here.


Visitors to Tara mountain can find accommodation at one of its two tourist resorts, Kaluđerske bare and Mitrovac.Kaluđerske bare offers ample opportunities for recreation at one of the fields for small-sided games, the tennis court, children’s playgrounds and the hiking trail.
If you are a lover of all things equestrian, you can enjoy horse-riding lessons on Tara when the weather is warm and dry. In the colder months, those who are into winter sports can choose between two ski slopes for some unforgettable moments in the snow.
Mitrovac is great for children who have football and basketball fields at their disposal. Or they can opt to make their fledgling attempts at skiing on the beginners’ ski slope.
Numerous hiking trails will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery this mountain has to offer. Alternatively, you can also explore them on a mountain bike.
During summertime, be sure to visit Zaovine and Perućac lakes, where you can enjoy swimming and excursions on the water.


There are several medieval sites scattered around the cave. The most eye-catching among them is Rača monastery, built in the 13th century.
On the Mramorje site in Perućac, you will see stećci, medieval tombstones recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage sites.
To learn more about the traditional way of life in the area, visit the ethno-households in Kaluđerske bare. In the authentic ambience of traditional rural log cabins, in Zaovine village you can taste local milk, cheese, kaymak and meat.
Those with an adventurous spirit can kayak down the emerald water of the Drina and, together with thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world, can take part in the famous Drina Regatta. Nature lovers will enjoy visiting one of the three viewpoints (Burovo brdo, Banjska and Bilješka stena), offering splendid views of the canyon of this captivating river.

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Vila Drina
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